Release Notes

Ruby Setup is a fork or Minero Aokoi‘s setup.rb script. Whereas setup.rb had to be copied into every project that used it, Ruby Setup is a stand alone application.

The API is largely the same, with a only few distinctions. Most importantly, multi-package support has been removed. Also the underlying system has been made more object-oriented, for instance, what was ToplevelInstaller is now Setup::Installer. Finally configuration files are saved to .cache/setup and metaconfig should be placed in .config/setup, rather then directly into the root project directory.

I still consider this and "early" release of Ruby Setup, that is until enough people put it through it‘s paces. However, since it is predominantly setup.rb 3.4.1 code, and since it works well enough to install itself ;) it certainly is a usable product.

Please report any problems so I can fix them ASAP.

### 4.1.0 / 2008-11-16

  • 5 Major Enhancements
      * testing only runs if a test script if provided
      * cache files are now stored in .cache/setup/
      * Renamed binary from rubysetup to setup.rb.
        * Hoping that the use of a dot in the name is not a problem on Windows.
        * By using setup.rb for the binary, it matches exactly the name of the old script.
        * Other developers could do likewise, eg.; akin to mkfs.ext3 and friends.
      * Added script/install as a bootstrap installer.
      * restored metaconfig
  • 2 Minor Enhancements
      * added test from original (needs work)
      * removed test/suite.rb option from testing